This is where the journey begins…

These are the vineyards nurturing the varieties for Lacovino Winery. The particular geological characteristics and microclimate featured in the estate where our grapevines are grown make for the distinct, exquisite taste of our wine when it is finally poured into our customers’ glasses.

The Vineyards

Lacovino’s privately owned and cooperating vineyards comprise five different types of terroir, thus allowing us to make the best of each separate variety, based on its distinct needs and requirements.

The Soil

The soil of the Laconian land, from the fertile valley of Eurotas River to the magnificent Monemvasia and the wild beauty of Mani, is characterized as diverse, ranging between sandy-clay and loamy.

The Climate

Boasting a typically Mediterranean climate, southern Laconia enjoys mild winters and hot summers, resulting in the superb phenolic maturity of the grapes. The sea breeze blowing during the mid-day hours from the Aegean Sea coupled with humidity in the evening make for a unique terroir.

We do not just make wine…
We create the flavor and quality that allows you to enjoy a delectable journey through the varieties of our wine.